Affiliate programs are always a chance to earn some passive income, by marketing a company’s products and services. The person usually gets paid a commission when a customer clicks on the company’s link to purchase a product or service. IQ Option, which is one of the oldest and most famous binary options brokers in the world, has an official affiliate program as well, which is the focus of this review.


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IQ Option Affiliate


 About IQ Option

    • Available in 175 Countries
    • 13+ Languages
    • Numerous Trading Instruments
    • Low financial requirements
    • Deposit as little as $10


Why IQ Option Affiliate

    • Up to 50% Rev Share lifetime
    • Up to 165 USD CPA
    • No balance deductions
    • Universal Links
    • Detailed analytics



IQ Option is known among trading circles as one of the most popularly used binary options brokers, with an estimated 80 million (!) clients using its platform. There are many reasons for the company’s meteoric rise. One of the main reasons is the platform’s low financial requirement, which in turn provides a gateway for a larger number of traders worldwide.

There are many advantages of being a part of IQ Option’s Affiliate program. An affiliate becomes almost a full-fledged partner and gains access to numerous benefits not available to normal members. IQ Option remains the undisputed front runner when it comes to binary options, but has started offering numerous other instruments for trade too. Because of the certain changes that have been put into place by various international regulatory bodies such as the ESMA and FCA, many EU traders are outlawed from dealing with binary options directly.

IQ Option offers alternatives such as FX Options or digital options as a similar trading instrument. Binary Options still remain popular for non-EU based traders. But other popular Instruments like CFDs on Stocks, Forex, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies, ETFs are available for all traders around the world. Thus, joining the IQ Option Affiliate program can be a pretty lucrative deal for the affiliate involved, the details of which will be explained below.


About the Official IQ Option Affiliate Program 

The official affiliate program from IQ Option currently has 145995 affiliates. The platform currently operates in 178 countries and has a total of more than 80 million customers at the time of writing. There are two options to choose from:

  • 50% of profit for all traders collectively: The user receives half of the broker’s profit for all of the affiliate’s trades. In other words, all profits for users add up to one amount, with the affiliate getting 50% of it.
  • 40% of profit for each trader separately: The user receives 40% of the broker’s profit for each trader separately. In other words, the profit for each trader is independently calculated in such a way as the negative turnover of one client doesn’t affect profits of another.


IQ Option CPA

IQ Option CPA is a new affiliate co-operation model for IQ Option. It offers pay-outs starting from $35 all the way to $165. The partner directs the traffic by taking a link and placing it on any available web medium. When traders, directed by the partner, make a deposit, the affiliate partner has a potential to get pay-outs up to $165.


IQ Option Affiliate Program Details

IQ Option’s affiliate program is one of the most successful programs of its kind with its high pay-outs and the number of users participating. We are going to take a look at all the different components of this affiliate program separately.

  • IQ Option Affiliate Dashboard: The dashboard is the main user-interface which the affiliate uses to promote the broker. All the updated statistics about referral stats can be found here, including details such as the number of people who have joined through each referral link. It offers a very streamlined way of checking one’s statistics, with a well-designed interface.



  • Dashboard Statistics: The Dashboard also provides updated statistics related to the referrals. IT is very well designed with statistics being updated in real-time. Statistics are divided on the basis of Date, Hits, Unique, the number of registrations, conversion, profit etc. It also allows the affiliate to check profits by changing timestamps.

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  • Affiliate Personal Profile: This section of the dashboard allows users to enter personal details during the process of registration. Separate sections are added to verify the user’s phone number. This page can be accessed by clicking the edit profile tab on the dashboard. Once the registered user receives his/her first payment from an affiliate, the name cannot be modified or changed henceforth. Phone number verification is a necessary step for setting up the different payment options available.
  • Affiliate Promo: Under the promo section, IQ Option provides a host of promo tools for use, such as through web, mobile, advertising campaigns, etc. They also provide a lot of stock photos and other media attachments to help with the promotions.

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  • Payments: Joining the IQ Option Affiliate program is a great way to earn some additional income. They have a very good track record of paying their members timely every month. They pay twice a month, once at the 15th of the month, and at the end of the month. For new affiliates, require at least 5 active traders under them to be eligible. To start getting paid by IQ Option, affiliates need to first register and verify their phone number as well as add a legitimate email address. IQ Option supports some of the most popularly used online payment methods such as WebMoney, Skrill and Neteller, in addition to bank transfers. Cryptos are also available now.
  • Top 10 List: In this section, each user gets to see the topmost traders who earn the highest amount as affiliates. It is an ideal section for users to check how much the front runners are making. It also shows the earnings of the last 30 days of the user in question.

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  • News: The news section provides updated and fresh information and bulletins regarding the affiliate program. It is important for an affiliate to frequently check the latest updates and any modifications introduced in the platform.
  • Support: IQ Option has a separate support section for the affiliate program. Users can submit a ticket via the account manager. Users can also contact a specific affiliate manager on Skype if anything needs to be solved immediately.



Some Important Directive of the IQ Option Affiliate Program

Users have to be careful not to get blocked from an affiliate program. Some specific guidelines exist which affiliates have to follow to be sure that they don’t get disqualified from such a lucrative program. These have been mentioned in brief below:

  • Paid Ads from Google Adwords with the brand name IQ Option cannot be directly used and are at risk of getting banned. Adding the “IQ Option” term to the negative keywords list is a good measure to take.
  • Phone numbers must be verified first before adding a personal payment method. Unless this step is complete, a user cannot withdraw their profits earned from the program.
  • An affiliate requires a minimum of 5 traders under his/her affiliate program in order to be able to get payments. The traders have to be first time depositors for the withdrawal procedure to begin.


Promoting an IQ Option Affiliate Program

Being successful at an IQ Option Affiliate Program requires significant promotional efforts. IQ Option provides some tips on how to start promoting the affiliate program for new users. Generally, there are two main methods of promotion: Through a YouTube channel or Through a Facebook group.

  1. YouTube Channel: One of the most useful methods of promotion in present circumstances is to use YouTube. Registered affiliates can create a YouTube channel, where content-driven uploads with nice titles can help in spreading the message across the medium. By tweaking some of the settings to optimise it properly, a lot of organic visitors can be directed towards the channel, increasing the chances of them clicking on the links.
  2. Facebook Group: Because of Facebook’s monstrous reach, many affiliates have resorted to opening Facebook groups to help them with their promotion. They can add some free tutorials and other useful content that can reach people across demographics and geographical boundaries through shares and likes.


Some of the other methods one can use for promotion include:

  • Developing a Website: This is the traditional or standard way of promoting any type of affiliate program, also considered to be the best practice. Serious marketers build their own websites to create trust among people.
  • Paid Marketing: Although not highly recommended, paid marketing such as PPC campaigns may be used to promote the broker’s service to the masses.


The IQ Option affiliate program is ideal for people looking to earn passive income online with the minimum risk possible. Since IQ Option has a reputed brand name, the experience of more than 10 years and a host of different features and trading options to offer, attracting people through this program is definitely worth the work.

The main advantage of this program is that the user gets to keep a percentage of what the broker earns because of the steady flow of high commissions generated. With a very responsive support team, a professionally designed user interface and a multitude of potential traders available, users can join this affiliate program to gain access to bigger business opportunities.




General Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.