News article enGlobePay Inc’s safe and secure payment processing service called GlobePay is a hassle-free way to pay or get paid online. This payment method requires an internet connection without involving any sort of financial information. GlobePay supports a plethora of online vendors, commercial users, and authentic auction sites to provide their customers with ease of payment whenever they need it.

The company behind GlobePay is based in Gurgaon (now Gurugram), India which is considered a pioneer in online payment solutions committed to giving Indian forex traders the best online payment experience for the past 10 years. This payment gateway has been added to IQ Option’s website as part of a recent development.



Exclusive features of using GlobePay Payment Method



The reason why Indian traders prefer GlobePay payments is that this particular online payment method delivers high-level security during a transaction.


Free to use

Online forex traders keep a lookout for ways to cut down their expenses and avoid spending a lot of money on payment processing fees. GlobePay allows Indian traders to send payments through their GlobePay account free of cost.



Since coronavirus shook the world’s financial framework, most people have turned to utilize mobile payments to buy, sell, and trade throughout the day. That is why GlobePay has an extremely user-friendly UI with very few steps to fully utilize the platform.


Fast transactions

Traders hesitate to try out tools and services that are free to use because of performance issues but GlobePay is known for processing mass payments at a blazing-fast speed.


Downloadable transaction history

Traders make several on-the-go payments throughout the day and there is always a chance to forget certain things but with GlobePay, users can download their entire transaction history to stay up-to-date with their expenses.


Globally accepted

As the name suggests, the GlobePay payment method is widely accepted as a gateway due to its simplicity, speed of transaction, and remarkable security features.



Availability of GlobePay for Indian traders

The GlobePay payment method is available on IQ Option for online traders that are based in India due to its high demand. One can simply check their availability when they select a payment method on a broker site. Since GlobePay is a decade-old trusted name in this field, some of the leading broker sites such as IQ option have added support for its payment channel to add more convenience for Indian traders.



How to use the GlobePay payment method on IQ Option?

It is fairly easy to pick GlobePay as your go-to payment processing channel on IQ Option so that whenever a trader (having a free GlobePay account) needs to deposit or withdraw funds securely and instantly, they could achieve that with GlobePay’s state-of-the-art service.


General Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.